Download Fortnite for Samsung

Download Fortnite for Samsung

Fortnite is a video game that was released lacking display and is now known as one of the most popular in the world. It is among the Star Wars and Minecraft. Although now offering a $100m prize pool. Children are running around copying the dance moves in the school yard while parents seem to be worried about kids being on screens. However, this is a game that that encourages communication between adolescents and encourages teamwork.

Fortnite takes from the Battle Royale and the hunger games books where contestants go to an island and they must fight it out until one is left. When playing Fortnite you get dropped along with 99 players from a flying bus then you must parachute onto the island. You are then herdered off to the final standoff after an electrical storm keeps drawing in closer. It is no secret that Fortnites style is very different although the template doesn’t seem to be.

Their session was broadcasted live by Twitch and they broke the record for the most viewed episode. The Washington post stated that there were 630,000 viewers logged on to the match that was trending on Twitter also. Fortnites business side of things is innovative. It makes more money from the digital costumes also known as skins not from the point of sales.

Every day gets a new wardrobe set up for sale on the storefront. Players are able to dress up their character as anything they want such a skeleton, a medieval night with so many more options. The designers of the costumes have now become the most important part of the group. It is their fashion designing that makes the game earn money.

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