Fortnite Introduces the Samsung Skin in 2019

Fortnite Introduces the Samsung Skin in 2019

The next season of the viral game Fortnite Battle Royale is debuting very soon with loads of new gaming features, skins, maps, equipment and weaponry. And with the arrival of season 8 of the game, Epic Games is also introducing a couple of interesting features amongst which the Fortnite IKONIK skin is making its first appearance. The new skin – better known as the Samsung skin – is one of the most anticipated features which illuminates some sort of a collaboration between the upcoming Samsung S10 line and the popular game.

But as the eighth season is approaching very fast, many players and game enthusiasts around the world are questioning whether the Samsung skin is going to be available for every one or for players with Samsung devices only! The official launch of the IKONIK skin took place at the same time of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones. The newest Fortnite skin was, in fact, discovered by some dataminers a while ago and Epic Games seized the opportunity to officially launch the skin as the new season is approaching and Samsung is also releasing its entire S10 products by the start of March.

Reportedly, the Fortnite IKONIK skin is one of the rarest and most sought-after skins of the game, and it’s going to be made available for players who purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ product, which costs about $1000 and is hitting the market next month. The exclusive Samsung skin is reported to be inspired by a Kpop outfit that led to the the final skin result. Fortnite season 7 is coming to an end by February 28th and the next season starts immediately afterwards; the Samsung S10 line, on the other hand, isn’t excepted any time before March 8th, so even Fortnite gamers who are planning on purchasing the Galaxy S10+ smartphone to get the IKONIK skin are are going to wait for nearly two weeks before the products hit the markets.

The Kpop star, Jung Changwoo – member of the iKON band – is the influencer who inspired Epic Games to create the IKONIK skin and incorporate it into the game’s version available only for the players who purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone. Consequently, the players of Fortnite will initially receive season 8 of the game with all of its new features and maps, then the Samsung S10+ is going to bring about the IKONIK skin to the game’s new edition. And let’s not forget that Samsung provides clear steps for the Fortnite players to attain the Galaxy skin and install it on their Samsung devices, and the upcoming IKONIK skin is probably to be attained in a similar manner.

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