What Samsung Galaxy S10 Has to Offer to 2019 Customers

What Samsung Galaxy S10 Has to Offer to 2019 Customers

Over the last few weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone has been officially labelled as one of the most anticipated devices of the year. And upon its launch this March, the Galaxy S10 smartphone has indeed met the expectations of the worldwide customers of the South Korean company of Samsung with its clearest screen and fastest charging feature. The unique Dynamic AMOLED screen of the S10 presents the customer with the best possible visuals making the smartphone one of a kind.

Both of the images and videos are displayed in an HD+ technology making the colors more lively and attractive. Also, the chic design of the smartphone makes it an ideal choice for the Samsung customers in 2019. The South Korean company still chose to create its own trend by eliminating the notch trend from its recent launches and opting for the more unique technology of HIAA – Hole in Active Area – that is positively met by the fans of the notorious brand.

The new Samsung trend of the one hole is a cleverly chosen one that encompasses the entire camera setup in one, strategic place. The one hole of Galaxy S10 emerged from the company’s need to provide the customers with the biggest and best possible display. The S10 is indeed flaunting the biggest and clearest screen with the cameras in a hidden status that won’t disturb the view. In fact, the one hole of the S10 enhanced its screen ratio making the device the biggest at the moment! Moreover, the camera setup is also another feat for the company. The cameras of the S10 are reportedly better than any debuting device and any iPhone as well! The cameras provide clear and perfectly colored shots and video clips; the image stabilization in the new smartphone is also outstanding. The front, selfie cameras are also redesigned and well-equipped to capture the best selfies. And the “Bright Night” feature is implanted to help the user in the low-light situations.

Additionally, Samsung didn’t forget to amp up the charging technology, making the wireless charging technology one of the best available; the fast and effective wireless charging of the S10 smartphone saves the time and provides hours and hours of usage with no need to worry about recharging the battery very soon. However, the most unique “Intelligent Performance” feature of the Galaxy S10 is the showstopper! This AI feature moulds the S10 in coordination with the user’s habits and favorite apps. So, once the user is quite acquainted with his Galaxy S10, the “Intelligent Performance” will launch the preferable apps immediately with no prior downloading, and close the other unused apps to save the battery life, all based on the user’s usual times, locations and the general routine of daily usage.

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